Alive & Well

•April 26, 2010 • Leave a Comment

Life has been a whirlwind lately, BUT, I have been designing and shooting dead ahead. SO today I’ve come to do a show and tell. Also we had a pretty interesting Maundy Thursday service, which while I’m writing I’m deciding whether or not to share in this post or give it it’s own. Regardless, it was a unique approach and I thought maybe some of you out there would find it interesting. I’ve decided, I’ll post it later. Like how I did that do ya? Multi-tasking!?
Here are a few logo’s which I’ve just wrapped up. The first, Robotic Milking Integrated Solutions, is for a company that specializes in the use of robot’s to control the milking of cows. Freaky huh?

Out of all of the options created, I thought this one had the most character and added a playfulness to what might otherwise be a pretty stiff topic.

Neon thoughts is a web design/programmer company run by our friend Josh. This was a fun one.

Branding for a new development in Ashburton, New Zealand! Pretty sure this was our first international client.

Here is a recent web pitch for a record label based out of Nashville who also has a branch in the UK.

This months sermon card for the series “The Love Affair” …

My good friends Tara & Brennan were at the end of the lens most recently. Here are some of my favorite’s from the shoot. (click the image)

And lastly, to prove part of the whirlwind, here we are playing in Syracuse. Twas a great time!


Just arrived…

•January 26, 2010 • 2 Comments

One of my long awaited packages arrived yesterday. I received the first of the LogoLounge Master Library Volume entitled Initials & Crests. If you read my old post, you would know that it includes the Erick Lefevre Masonry Logo. I feel very blessed and hope to have many more opportunities like this. For any of you designers out there, you can pick up your copy here. I will be positng lots of new work both here and here in the coming days. Happy Tuesday!

A winter wonderland!

•December 14, 2009 • 3 Comments

After being snowed in on Thursday I was determined to get outside Friday! This was a shot from Friday at the County Park. The conditions were amazing. With the Christmas season rapidly approaching, I figured it might be nice to give something. If interested, this is availabe for download as a desktop. Simply click your desktop resolution and save it. Now off the computer and GET OUTSIDE!

If your resolution isn’t listed and you are interested in the background, Simply drop me a line in the comments with your resolution.

A County Park Winter


Click your resolution size to download.

On this train

•December 6, 2009 • 1 Comment

It was on this train on a cold winter day in December that a creation was made. A creation that would allow you to tap into my head and heart and life… eh what am I saying. I now have a twitter account. if you give a rip you can follow me at @Cashmerejm. I will be posting of my design, photography and adventures. And a good day to you all…

Christmas in a Junkyard?

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This year our Christmas Series is going to be called “Salvaged”. The Salvaged story is that of a tiny Jewish baby with which God used to crawl into the dumpster of humanity to salvage us all. This was a challenging concept. Relating something as “perfect” as Christmas with something as “messy” as a junkyard. I thought the contrast though lent itself to this idea pretty well. This is the card for the series. Happy Thanksgiving!

I Waited All Year

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for this day. Happy 9 years babe! Thanks for being my friend! I Love you.