It’s Monday morning. Here I sit with my Green Mtn. Coffee, listening to Radiohead – Amnesiac, with incense wafting through the air, and creativity seems like its on the moon this morn. Also feeling like i may have been whacked in the head with a jackhammer this morning. On to better times… The new series here at Northgate (Go For It!) has been a fun one. I decided it would be a good time to introduce some of my photography into one of the series and the name lent itself to some shots from the Man Trip ’09 hike. So here’s the new sermon card and a few slides from this past weekend. Thanks Mike!




Cheery Monday.


~ by cashmerejm on September 14, 2009.

4 Responses to “Wowsers…”

  1. of course, i expect royalties for my face being on this, thank you very much!

  2. Oh yeah… Wait on it! It’s in the mail.

  3. wow! is that when mike spread his wings and jumped over the cliff?

    check out survivormen

  4. hottest sermon card ever!

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