Friends, Family and Foes…

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Hello all you go getters.  Well this post is dedicated to where you SHOULD be this Friday. It would be a pleasure to have you all come out for our (Relevant Worship) Live DVD recording at the Town Ballroom in Buffalo. Doors are at 6:30 and we will probably go on at around 8ish. Tickets are 5$ presale and 10$ at the door. This is going to be an amazing time and it would be awesome for you to be there. I have tickets left if you’re interested, so please comment or email me to let me know that you want one. If you need any more information feel free to ask. Really do hope you (Friends & Family) are able to make it and if you can’t (FOES) I would like a detailed reason in the comment section below. (If you are coming, I’d like to hear that too!)Have a sweet Tuesday.



Ok, So this is cool…

•September 17, 2009 • 2 Comments

Here I am working along when out of no where “pops” an email. Hello Mail. Here’s what it says…

Hi Justin!
Congratulations! One of your images was chosen as our Pick of the Day. Your image will be posted on our blog and Facebook page.
Using this promo code : ****** ( Yeah Right! Like I’d show you!) you will receive 10% off on your next order for being chosen!
If you have any questions, just let me know. Thanks for letting us use this photo 🙂

Who knew you could have a PICK of the day!? All this stems from an order M & I placed for pictures for our abode which included the PIC below. If you are looking for a great place to order amazing quality photos, try out ColorInc. (Rae, their in Michigan) Anyway, have a great Thursdays and go for a trek in the woods.



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It’s Monday morning. Here I sit with my Green Mtn. Coffee, listening to Radiohead – Amnesiac, with incense wafting through the air, and creativity seems like its on the moon this morn. Also feeling like i may have been whacked in the head with a jackhammer this morning. On to better times… The new series here at Northgate (Go For It!) has been a fun one. I decided it would be a good time to introduce some of my photography into one of the series and the name lent itself to some shots from the Man Trip ’09 hike. So here’s the new sermon card and a few slides from this past weekend. Thanks Mike!




Cheery Monday.

Ok Bubba, Let’s Design!

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So as the summer comes to an end the work begins to roll in for Cashmere. It is a welcome sight and I’m excited to see what this fall/winter brings for us. We’ve had a lot of sweet stuff happen this past year like The Glorious Unseen project and being published in the upcoming Logo Lounge Series. Be sure to pick up that GU album entitled ” The Hope That Lies In You” from Itunes or go over to their myspace to take a listen. Just yesterday I wrapped a new piece for Covenant Acres to promote their “Bubba’s Gathering” fishing event in October. This is a great camp and of course, I like doing anything that I can tie in some outdoors theme. Below is the cover. Today, I’m feeling so blessed and so thankful. Have a sweet Friday and get outside. J$


This… I love.

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Get a view of the new…

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So I’ve been contemplating beginning another blog to post my photography, and finally decided it was time. Fortunately I’ve been getting asked to shoot more and more life happenings, so I wanted to beef up the look and feel of the imagery. I will still be posting here so don’t you fret! Add the new site to your little readers and phones and favorites and be sure to keep checking to see what I’m up to! Contact me if you happen to need something pictured! Happy Thursday.

Click the Image to visit the site!


Summer, Summer, Summertimeee…

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What an amazing summer its been. I love NY! 90% of our temperatures have been in the 70’s. I feel so blessed. I’m a little behind on posts for my blog so this will tip the surface of stuff I’ve wanted to post about. Marlita and I are heading up to Algonquin (The Park in Canada) tomorrow and I can hardly stand it. It’s always amazing to spend time with her in the out of doors. Happy Wedding to Chris & Heather! They were glowing for weeks before and still are! We consider ourselves so fortunate to have the group of friends we do. Well, I feel slighty rushed so thats going to be it for now. Next post – Hiking Wright Peak. Until next time, um… happy woodsing!? Here are some recent shots and a summer song for your listening pleasure…

Chiquita Who?


Some Time in April

The Works