That’s right, I was on a roll until one Sunday after church I begin packing up to head home and go to pick up my camera bag, which i found out within in seconds wasn’t closed all the way. See to make myself seem less like an idiot ( if thats possible), this is primarily a camera bag. It seconds as a computer bag with a little zip slot on the side to insert your putes. As i slung the trusty ole bag over my shoulder I heard it. Sounding similar to a plane crash?!, car accident?!, train derailing?!, wings blowing off a plane?!, my lovely mac exits its home and finds a new one, on the carpeted CONCRETE floor! !@#$% I quickly picked it up and opened it and the screen was black. She’s was in the computer hospital for 2 weeks with a concussion to the lcd, fractured optical drive, and a mangled case. So, I’m back. Life has been fun. Computer downage isn’t neccesarily a bad thing. You get to see how those are addicted live life. I will be posting some images i shot from the Fourth pretty soon. Here’s one of little Ensign. TaTa

Baby Ensign


~ by cashmerejm on July 15, 2009.

One Response to “I WAS COUNTING!…Until….”

  1. ooh, ouch. hope your mbook is better soon. excited to see all the 4th pics!!

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