Let’s go for it! Day IIII

Ok so to continue my new reign of amazing blogging skills, I will show some artwork I did for The Glorious Unseen’s new album “The Hope that Lies in You”. These guys are great and we’re honored to be working on the project. It’s also been nice working along side Tooth & Nail for the first time. I will do a post on the final which is a painting Justin (the other cashmere goat) did for the cover. We’re excited about this opportunity and I’m pumped about my fourth post. How long can I go!?



~ by cashmerejm on June 12, 2009.

6 Responses to “Let’s go for it! Day IIII”

  1. i look at ur post. just not a big responder. keep up the posting. work’s overated. when are the fab five getting together again?

  2. guess i should of say fab four who strive for five

  3. We’ll get together anytime you’re ready!! Let’s set something up!

  4. DANG! you are seriously going to town with all these posts! i’m having trouble keeping up!! love the album cover.

  5. please stop with all the posting. you’re making me look bad.

  6. […] So yesterday marked a big day for us at Cashmere Creative. I wrote a little while back (here) about the work we were doing for The Glorious Unseen. Their EP dropped yesterday which means now […]

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