Family Life Sweetwork

So we were contacted recently by FLN to do a few tee designs for them. They attend a lot of the festivals like Kingdom Bound and certain Conferences and were looking for something geared toward college kids. So we took the feel and tones of their new website to create this puppy. If you’re proud of 3 posts in 3 days holla back!!! If not I will just realize no one reads this and i should be working instead. Cheers

FLN Tshirt Final


~ by cashmerejm on June 11, 2009.

5 Responses to “Family Life Sweetwork”

  1. Justin! I am proud of your diligence in blogging. 🙂
    Also really like that design!

  2. hollerrrrr. [where’s my picture?]

  3. hhhhoolllar! wow, i can’t keep up with all these posts.

  4. keep up all the posting and before you know it you’ll be the next dooce. except with the whole mom-thing.

  5. looking snazzy!
    good job Justin.

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