Confession/Vent Session.

Ok, So today, I got a “little” frustrated. I’m not a huge fan of junk/spam mail. Haven’t really met anyone who is but, I’ve been receiving email from this lame-o church website company trying to get me to let them do my website. HA! These are the people that charge $399 for a “COMPLETE” package website that will get you to the moon and back, or at least they say so. They are the ones that my client’s say, “Your price is a little more than I wanted to spend seeing as how I can get my “COMPLETE” package for $399 and have it done in 2 days”. To which I say “Man, That is a great deal. You should go with them.” This has happened maybe once, but I’m not a fan of these companies who will give you your very own website and fail to tell you that 1,357 other companies/churches across the country have the same website with their name on it. So to my friend tasha, who mailed me again today, kindly asking (in a spam kinda way) if I want her to redo my website for $399 I kindly responded for the last time (I hope, I’ve already opted twice) this…


I’m really not angry.


~ by cashmerejm on April 22, 2009.

One Response to “Confession/Vent Session.”

  1. haa…now we just have to find a way to do that to telemarketers. and i like your header picture.

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