I Like Cupcakes!

Red Velvet

Well i got one of the biggest surprises of my life this past Friday! I was trickeried and fooled into thinking i was going on a double date with the Grimms. Everyone played their parts so well. I’m usually pretty sharp on these things but this one flew just below my radar! Marla even said “Tonight is Black and Red Night”. Ya got me. After a lot of driving and Andy winning a Joscar for best actor of the night, I finally figure out we’re either going to Valley Inn (which i was pumped about) or we were going to have a picnic at Covenant Acres. (Marla had taken the picnic basket down and left it on the floor in the kitchen. Being the helpful husband, I put it back up, OOPS!) Even pulling up to CA i didn’t have a clue. Walking up to Tamarac I see a candle on and think “This must really be a double romantic date. HM As I walk in THERE ARE ALL THESE PEOPLE! It was great. The theme was “Roadkill Party”. There were furs, taxidermed animals, and antlers all around. Everyone was wearing plaid black and red or at least something close to it. I got lots of hides and feathers and furs (for tying flies) as well as my dream lens. IT was a most amazing time. Then some of us spent the night which was nice. I never have a hard time waking up overlooking a lake and being secluded in woods. Here are a couple snaps from the party. The above are my RED VELVET CUPCAKES!!!!! THANKS MAND! (Which i had to shoot after getting home. I didn’t know I was supposed to bring my camera to my party!@#?) Thanks to everyone who was involved for all your hard work and ESP for my genius wife! I love you lita.


Everyone attempting the “deer mouth”.

Let’s just say thing’s got a little crazy.


~ by cashmerejm on April 16, 2009.

2 Responses to “I Like Cupcakes!”

  1. Oh my word – those pics are amazing! Happy belated birthday – really bummed that we had to miss out. Glad to hear you were surprised & had an awesome time!

  2. haaa…your mouth in that one picture is soo funny!

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