Meet a Kiwi, Eat a Kiwi, Feed a Kiwi, Spend a Kiwi – New Zealand

Well we are back in action after our most wonderful trip to the other side of the earth. After missed planes and canceled tickets we finally made it after a 24hr trip. There’s so much I can say about the trip. I will list my highlights and let the pictures do the rest.

* Taking a helicopter ride through Milford Sound and landing on Ngapunatoro Glacier. (I’m still pinching myself about that one.)
* Fly fishing in the fly fishing capital of the World!
* Actually being able to experience the culture of country by staying at wonderful homes.
* Hiking my highest mountain to date – 5177ft Mt.Roy
* Always being in an area with turquoise water.
* Surfing at Hot Water Beach! (Chest to Head turquoise waves)
* Kneeboarding in Crystal Clear Lake Wananka
* Climbing lots of fences and spending time with lots of sheep and cows trying to find streams
* Drinking LOTS of Flat Whites!! ( I want one right now)
* Visiting the Thermal Hot Spot known as Rotorua
* Meeting amazing new friends and doing amazing things with Tom and Jenna
* Most importantly – Having life changing experiences with my best friend

We are still suffering from Jet Lag a week later, but are ready to board a plane and go back! Next stop – The UK.

Click here to view the pictures.


~ by cashmerejm on February 28, 2009.

3 Responses to “Meet a Kiwi, Eat a Kiwi, Feed a Kiwi, Spend a Kiwi – New Zealand”

  1. you’re so clever.

  2. impressive!!!!
    Is it Austrailia or your photography?

  3. what is this where is

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