Can You Say 3rd?

I’m back from what may have been the most amazing trip of my life. We had the best pit crew hands down. I’ll try to give a summary of each day without boring you. Day 0 – we get to Old Forge Resort Campground around 10:45 Thursday night after registering and dropping off the Canoedel. The anticipation was killing me!!! We find a spot to setup the tents and finally climb into bed around midnight after filling our Camelbaks with gatorade and water. I can hardly sleep. Must’ve been the case for all the other racers camping around us b/c everyone began to stir somewhere between 4 and 5am. Ouch. Needless to say we get hardly any sleep but are still rearing to go. After a quick bagel, we’re off to the launch site. It was so amazing see all these boats and racers. They call our class and we’re in the water. 3, 2, 1 and we’re off!!

The paddle down the Fulton Chains were sweet. There were ton’s of people everywhere cheering you on. From the edges of the lakes to their boat docks off their lake cabins. The first carry was from Inlet to Sixth Lake. The girls met us on this carry which was sweet. It was great to run into them throughout the race! Each time we saw them it was a bit of an energy boost. They had made us pb&j sandys and handed them off on this carry. We’re back in the water and paddling through 6th & 7th lakes which was a chore! The wind had picked up, which caused 2ft waves. We almost get overturned on 7th lake, but manage to hold on. Meanwhile were coming up on some less fortunate people over near the shore. While were paddling and watching them get their boat turned back over the guy in front of us goes over. This was an interesting scenario. Do we keep going, maintain our pace, and not lose our spot?, or do we go help the guy. Within seconds were turned around and towing Tippy Longstockings over to shore. Then we’re off again. We get to the 8th lake campground carry, mike takes Ole’ Sawyer, and we decide were going to eat our sandys on this carry.  So i give him his and i take mine. I’m carrying the Paddles, Life Jackets, PB&J’s and my backpack. Mike takes a bite as do i. About 3 minutes later i look over, and there’s still only one bite outta mike’s sandwich. Then i realize, “I’m still chewing my first bite!” So I say to mike, what the heck’s in these things. It was hilarious. B/c of our mouths being so parched we couldn’t chew and process the peanut butter!@# So after 5 minutes of trying to eat these things we put them back in the bag to use later as anchors. Move ahead to the end of Day 1. I got toasty burnt but was relieved by our free byrne dairy Chocolate milk at the finish line. Super cold Milk! So day 1 was from Old Forge to Blue Mountain Lake. We go to the new camp at Lake Eaton and crash after a dip in the lake. Get about 9 hours of sleep that night and we’re good to go on Day 2.

We launch from Bissel’s Field a the southern point of Long Lake and paddle 10 or 12 miles on Long Lake and continue straight into the Raquette River. Rained most of the day. We scooped a lot. It’s amazing how wrecked your arms and muscles are after Day 1 and somehow they just free right up when you begin paddling again. Day 2 was a blast. The rain was nice and refreshing. The Raquette Falls carry killed us. OUR BOAT IS TOO HEAVY! It was amazing seeing all of these Adirondack spots that you never would from the road or even a hike. Such an amazing, different point of view. You find a lot of leanto’s that it’d be great to find for camping!  Another great thing is that throughout the race at certain carries there would be volunteers handing you water, Gatorade, snickers, and Reese’s. We see the girls a few times today. Great as always. So day 2 was from the southern tip of Long Lake to “The Crusher” at Rt. 30 & 3 in Tupper Lake. We finish up day two and realize AJ & Stuey are almost there, which was nice! We hung out a while and let them soak up the race buzz. More Choco Milk!!! Then we go out for a super good Italian meal in Tupper Lake. It’s raining still so we decide to get a motel room. We found one on the other side of Tupper Lake runned by some German lady who thought it was great to make me the subject of all her jokes. “He must be the slow one” Little Jerk. JK (not about the jokes) but she ended up saying I was a nice boy. HM. Anyways, We get a good nights rest and we head to Fish Creek Pond first thing in the morning.

Was super chilly and foggy. Great conditions for the start of Day 3. Was a most beautiful paddle this day. Saw a lot of fall foliage beginning, some of the hi peaks, and a Bald Eagle soaring above us for a few minutes. The spirit of this race is just phenomenal. Everyone you pass, or passes you, spark’s up a few second conversation. Ask how you’re doing, make jokes, such as ( “We must be near the end now, we’re getting passed by some rednecks in a red boat from Alabama”). Never quite got that one. There was an awesome connection between everyone, simply for the fact that, you and I are both doing this amazing race. There was an Old Bagpiper on one of the carries. What a great idea. Click the Second image below to view some of the videos taken, including the one of Rowdy Roddy Piper. Day 3 was a gorgeous day and we finished around 12 or 1pm at Lake Flower in Saranac Lake. At the awards ceremony Mike gets his 180 mile pin and I get my 90. Then when our class is called, we find out that we had taken 3rd Place!!! What an amazing finish to an amazing event. 90 miles, including almost 5.5 miles of carries. All in all the race took us 16:47:16. You learn a lot about yourself when your paddling wide open for 5, 6, 7 hours. There are no breaks. There is no stopping. You Start, and you Finish. I cannot wait til next year! Thanks so much to our Pit Crew. We love those girls. It wouldn’t have been the same without you. For pics of the event click the image below


~ by cashmerejm on September 10, 2008.

2 Responses to “Can You Say 3rd?”

  1. congrats! that is totally awesome! what an adventure!!!

  2. Awesome!! Sounds like it was totally worth all of it!!

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