Catching Up…

So I’ve had a ton-o-fun over the past weeks – months. Been wanting to write but just to busy. Now Is The Time. Its been such a phenomenal summer and we’ve tried to be outside as much as possible. We’ve been frequenting the ADKS as much as possible as well. We just got back from Raquette Lake where we spent the week with Marla’s Fam. Was a blast. We didn’t get to hike a peak but still got to do Owl’s Head Mountain which was a sweet hike with a nice view at the top. Take a look. (For more pics visit -> Here <- )

I also just got my very own sweet we-no-nah canoe. I’m super pumped about it! I’ve been out canoeing on Black Creek, Attica Nature Conservancy, and the Mighty Tonawanda. So nice to get to see more of the outdoors in my area that I couldn’t normally get to with a car. Without further ado…

So along with an amazing summer we’ve had amazing summer nights. Which being star gazers we’ve been out a ton. Saw a lot of shooting stars and meteors. To that I dedicate this shot which was taken on Raquette Lake…

Moving from Raquette Lake, it’s only appropriate to go right into the !!Adirondack Canoe Classic!! Mike and I feel ready for the big race this weekend. It’s going to be one of the most amazing experiences of my life. Anticipating the torture. Found a nice map breakdown of our lakes and portages today. -> Here <- Feel free to follow along with the fun. We begin Friday morning at 7:30. In preparation for the race I had to become more aerodynamic so here’s how it ended up. (Thanks Cindy!)

To wrap up I must say that all of the adventures and fun would be half that without this amazing part of my life.

She’s the best partner anyone could have. Til next time.


~ by cashmerejm on September 2, 2008.

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  1. you’re way cool.

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