Admitting Slow Moments…

So we hike Cascade and Porter this past weekend and I have a problem. From the moment we leave the car to the time we reach the summit there is constant rain. Slow moment number one – I, for some reason, had packed 3 books in my bag. One of these three was a fresh purchase called “Exploring the 46 Adironack High Peaks”. I am super pumped about this book. So we get to the peak and someone needs something out of my pack. While fumbling for the “thing” we come across SOAKED BOOKS! Geez louise! So I’m slightly frustrated about this. We spent the rest of the trip trying to dry/flatten out wrinkled pages. Still smelled new but instantly became, say… 8 years older. So I get home and begin cleaning on my pack. Slow moment number two – Turns out i have a built in rain cover located on the bottom of my pack in a compartment. At times… I’m slow.


~ by cashmerejm on July 2, 2008.

2 Responses to “Admitting Slow Moments…”

  1. i love my slow friend.

  2. its o.k justin, you inherited that, what a lousy inheritance right??

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