ok, ok, did i lose ya?

So it’s been quite a while. I’m still alive and am turning over a new leaf so i’m going to be keeping you more up to date on my art, life, etc. So here are a few things i’ve been working on the past few months.

Here are a few of the new Sermon Cards for Northgate.

The Travel Guide

Series Card for – The Travel Guide

A Family Portrait

Series Card for – A Family Portrait

The Easter Reminder

This is the cover for a postcard we sent out to those who haven’t shown their faces recently just to let them know they matter to the church and to let them know of our Easter Services.

Relevant Worship - Anthem of the Redeemed

We just released our first full length album. This is the cover artwork. You can buy the album through iTunes, Amazon, Napster, and a few other places or you can visit the Relevant Worship web store here. It will be updated soon with some of our apparel.

That’s it for now. Have to make lunch.


~ by cashmerejm on May 2, 2008.

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