feel blessed you northerner

While climbing into my car this morning about to head to work, God took a moment to remind of his goodness. Living in the Great White North you hear a lot of opinions about snow. Both positive and negative(bah). Personally I LOVE the snow. So in the car I looked at the windshield at these snowflakes and how intricate and perfect they are. I’m learning that perspective is the main key to your outlook on life. But something as simple as a snowflake just floors me at Gods wonder. So take a look at this picture and think the next time you have to shovel snow or brush your car off that you’re actually just moving artwork. It’s alway’s the things we overlook that could actually change your perspective for the day.



~ by cashmerejm on December 6, 2007.

5 Responses to “feel blessed you northerner”

  1. Hmmmm…

  2. I’ve gotta tell ya—I LOVE your perspective on things. You have a great way of seeing and appreciating what’s around you. It’s starting to rub off…

    As the snow turned to rain then to sleet then to freezing rain, then to snow (ok, you get the picture! it’s crazy this morning)…I marveled at the beauty outside my window, in the trees and on the ground and the simplicity yet power of it all…

    and thankful I went to church last night and hockey got cancelled so I don’t have to be out in this stuff!!!! 😉

    Thanks for your thoughts and artwork! They’re great!!


    You took something you shouldn’t of.
    How much will it cost to replace?

    Can you put your snowflake in wet concrete
    to harden?

    Can you glue your snowflake
    to black paper?

    Was your snowflake running away
    when you grabbed it?

    Or was your snowflake trying
    to give you a kiss?

  4. I came across your site while looking for snowflakes to draw. My husband and I are both artists. He is a designer/illustrator and I do a bit of everything but mostly wet media. I love your stuff! Especially the bear pictures. Are they yours? If so just wondering if they were done on the computer or the good ole fashioned way. I’m assuming computer, but ya never know. Anyway, their nice. But I am even more impressed with your wonderful outlook on life and your ability to recognize God’s hand in it. You have beautiful thoughts. That can be hard to come by. I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and nothing is more important to me than God, so I love to hear of others who are so close to him as well. God bless you in your work. Thanks for sharing it.

  5. Love the snowflake pic… I’m dreaming/praying I get to see some big ones like that this year for Christmas… seems i’m gonna be in America…

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