a friend gone

This was one heck of a week. As I unpacked Monday morning in my office, Anth came in a proceeded to tell me that one of our own passed away that morning. It was a complete shock. I knew that Brent was sick but knew after our talk the week before that he was going to pull outta this. “What happened” I asked myself. How could God allow this to happen. He was supposed to get better. As I thought more about it, I felt a peace come over me. I knew myself and many others would miss him but I also knew he wasn’t suffering anymore. I know God has a plan for everything. Thinking about how he promised to never give us more than we could handle, was Brent at that point? How sad it was to see his family today and old pictures of him. The ones before he was sick, a side I never knew. If you read this, keep Brent’s family in your prayers for strength in the rough weeks ahead. And Lord, help us to remain faithful even in times of chaos and misunderstanding.


~ by cashmerejm on July 28, 2007.

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