time is ticking away

Oiiiiiii. I have such a struggle with time and time management. 90% of the time i am overwhelmed by the lack of time and the things i’m “not getting done”. Today i read an article that really simplifies some things for me.
We are constantly ruled by our watches. We have fifteen minutes to do one thing. Two hours to do another. We’ve only got five minutes to visit a friend or twenty to take for lunch. Our lives, as the poet T.S. Eliot once said are “measured out with coffee spoons.” If we aren’t careful, this constant worry about time can strangle our relationships and stifle our days. Time can become an idol.

Ellen Vaughn says “Time is not our enemy when we are friends with God. It is but a resource to be used, like food or oxygen. We can keep it, rather than be kept by it.”

Ellen reminds us that God gives us enough time each day to do His will for that day. She reminds us of the example of Jesus, who, while he had an urgent message, did not seem hurried or stressed. While his disciples yelled at people to go away, Jesus was not stingy with his time. But he also didn’t try to “do it all.” He did not heal everyone. He did not preach everywhere. He took time away from the pressing crowds and he lived well and completely, all within the constraints of time.

Why can’t i grasp this?

Like Christ, we are to seize our days for the kingdom, but not with anxiety. I’ve got a lot to learn.


~ by cashmerejm on July 11, 2007.

2 Responses to “time is ticking away”

  1. time is ticking away. time is ticking. ticking on and on and on.
    [circa 1995 dc talk]

  2. i was thinking the same thing Marla was.
    but then i busted out my CD and listened to it.
    i SILL remember all the words.

    this is a great blog.

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