the great outdoors

Every chance I get, I take a few minutes or a half hour or an hour to just enjoy my backyard. It’s nothing special just a nicely secluded area surrounded by beautiful trees and nice plants and flowers and birds and rabbits and wild ducks and squirrels and lightning bugs(at night) and an occasional Canadian goose. It never fails to take me back to how amazing God is and his creations. These are the simple things. The stress free things. Nature is one of the greatest gifts that I feel we were ever blessed with. We get so caught up in the hubbub of the life race and allow ourselves to block these things out. Take a few minutes to enjoy something outside. Something that just happens that you have nothing to do with. Something that God designed.



~ by cashmerejm on July 7, 2007.

3 Responses to “the great outdoors”

  1. hubbub?

  2. Thanks for the reminder Justin! However, right now I’m enjoying the air conditioner that God provided for us to buy!!

  3. Your blog really spoke to the same thing I’ve been feeling lately in this nice weather. Thanks for the entry.

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