The day has arrived!

Today i sit here a happy man that tonight we will be launching the brand new northgate website. Click here to view. Its been a grueling few months but i am excited to get this puppy up and running. I hope all of you enjoy it and would love some feedback. peace!



~ by cashmerejm on June 30, 2007.

6 Responses to “The day has arrived!”

  1. Hi Justin
    Congrats! You’ve worked hard, may God bless you for your diligence!
    Northgate will continue to be proud of our web site.

    With or without the capital “N” (you know what I mean) Is there any way of getting spell check and grammar check on blogging? For the “non English major students” like me!
    God bless!

  2. Awesome work, Justin!!! Way to go my friend! Thanks for all your dedication and hard work. Your talent amazes many of us computer illiterate folk.
    Thank you for sharing your gift. You are loved!

  3. Justin,

    The website looks AWESOME!! You’ve done a wonderful job and I think people will definitely find what they’re looking for. You’re a great asset to Northgate and I’m glad you’re a part of the team!!

  4. Justin great work!!! It is fantastic to see your talents put to work in helping and assisting to lead the Northgate Mission from the technology and artistic side of things. Keep up the good work and thanks for bringing your act to and being a part of the Northgate staff!

  5. Very cool stuff here!! Excellent!

  6. I can say without reservation that the website is one of the best I’ve seen, like, ever.

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